Membra disiecta from a Transylvanian Antiphonal in Budapest and Cluj

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Gabriella Gilányi and Adrian Papahagi

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Fragmentology 2(2019), 5–34, DOI: 10.24446/tk50

Abstract: This article discusses four fragments from a fifteenth-century antiphonal with Hungarian chant notation. Two of these membra disiecta are kept at the National Archives of Hungary, and at the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, and are well-known to scholars of medieval music and liturgy. Two further fragments have recently been identified in the bindings of printed books at the Library of the Romanian Academy, in Cluj, and are studied here for the first time. The authors suggest that the original choir book was used in Transylvania and was possibly dismembered in the former Benedictine abbey of Cluj-Mănăștur in the late sixteenth or early seventeenth century.

Keywords: Antiphonal, Transylvania, Cluj-Mănăștur

How to Cite: Gabriella Gilányi and Adrian Papahagi, “Membra disiecta from a Transylvanian Antiphonal in Budapest and Cluj”, Fragmentology 2(2019), 5–34 (DOI: 10.24446/tk50).