Ein Berliner Handschriftenfragment der Vita Sancti Columbae Adamnani

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Stefanie Bellach

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Fragmentology 2(2019), 165–173, DOI: 10.24446/7zvz

A hitherto unknown fragment of an early eleventh-century manuscript of the Vita sancti Columbae Adamnani has been discovered in the Secret State Archives, Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation in Berlin. Written in late-Carolingian minuscule (“schrägovaler Stil”), it contains chapters 37, 38, 40 and 41 of the second book of the Vita and reveals references to a different redaction of the text.

Keywords: Fragments, University and Provincial Library of Tyrol, Manuscripts, Binder’s Waste, Provenance, Bookbinding

How to Cite: Stefanie Bellach, “Ein Berliner Handschriftenfragment der Vita Sancti Columbae Adamnani”, Fragmentology 2(2019), 165–173 (DOI: 10.24446/7zvz).